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Kickstarter editions of “Shenmue III” being prepped for shipping; launch trailer released

In a backer update on Wednesday, Ys Net revealed that the Shenmue III launch trailer is officially live. In addition, backers of the Shenmue III Kickstarter have started to receive email notices from the Fangamer fulfillment service that their games are being prepped for shipping. However, these messages specify that only the Kickstarter version of the game and slipcase will

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“Shenmue III” street date broken in Europe; how to avoid spoilers

On Monday, Twitter user Topsu indicated that he found and purchased a copy of Shenmue III at his local market, a full eight days ahead of its scheduled release. Topsu’s Post was confirmed as true by the online Shenmue fan community Shenmue Dojo, which has now put their spoiler policy into effect. This news may be particularly irksome for backers

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Imagine my shock! “Shenmue III” delayed yet again

Publisher Deep Silver and the Shenmue III development team Ys Net released their 100th update to Kickstarter backers today. How did they celebrate this milestone? By announcing another delay. The new release date is now 19 November 2019. Here’s how the team put it in the update: Whilst almost ready, the game simply needs a little more refinement before being truly finished.

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