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“Legends of Log” Anniversary Celebration Now Underway

Ten years of “Timberrrrr!” Can you believe that it’s already been a full decade since Giant Comics debuted Log, defender of the North Woods? While I was following the character and stories before it landed at its current, comfortable Alterna home, I have to admit, there’s still quite a bit I missed from those early years. Now, Legends of Log

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Review: Legends of Log (Alterna Comics – Monochrome May Special)

After making a few appearances in the pages of Alterna’s anthology series It Came Out on a Wednesday, Ski Suharski’s Legends of Log received its very own “One-Dollar One-Shot” book in January. It’s a great price for a quick read featuring a unique character, but what exactly do you get for your hard-earned buck? The Log character has appeared in

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