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Joseph King’s “Slaughter Squad” Graphic Novel Fully Funded on Indiegogo

Earlier this week, the crowdfunding campaign for the hyper-violent Slaughter Squad comic book hit its initial funding goal of $2 thousand. This is great news for project creator Joseph King, as Slaughter Squad‘s initial crowdfunding attempt earlier this year was unsuccessful. Written and illustrated by King and colored by Steve Canon, Slaughter Squad is a 48-page graphic novel blending the

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“Animal Farm” meets the 2nd Amendment in Joseph King’s upcoming comic “Slaughter Squad”

Animator and independent comic book creator Joseph King is getting his next creative project ready to launch: a hyper-violent barnyard brawl titled Slaughter Squad. Here’s the pitch taken from the Indiegogo pre-campaign page: Its about to get bloodier… Somewhere in Texas, a team of livestock with nothing to lose takes on the forces of Big Meat armed with nothing but

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