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2D Shoot ‘Em Up “Space Runaway” Now Free on Steam PC

Publisher 110 Industries and developer Soleil have released a side-scrolling shoot ‘em up Space Runaway on Steam PC… and it’s completely free. Yep. Free. Frei. مجانيًا Why free, though? Because it’s only part of the upcoming third-person action/adventure game Wanted: Dead, which is due out in February. According to 110 Industries, Space Runaway is more than just a mini-game turned

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New Trailer for 110 Industries’ Slasher/Shooter “Wanted: Dead”

110 Industries recently released a new trailer for its brutal hack ‘n slash action title, Wanted: Dead. The trailer shows off the game’s swordplay mechanics, mini-games, and stylish finishing moves. Here’s the official breakdown of the game, followed by the latest trailer: Wanted: Dead 110 Industries and Soleil’s new hybrid slasher/shooter, from the makers of Ninja Gaiden and Dead or

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Veteran Ninja Gaiden Developers Announce “Wanted: Dead” for PC, Consoles

You did it this time, Bon Jovi. They’re tired of your $#!+! At Tokyo Game Show 2021, publisher 110 Industries and developer Soleil announced a new third-person action game Wanted: Dead for PC and consoles. Set in a bleak, sci-fi version of Hong Kong, Wanted: Dead will feature both gunplay and melee combat inspired by Devil May Cry and Bayonetta.

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