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Saddle up with “The Ballad of Dusty Tortillas”, a new western comic series now on Indiegogo

Yee-haw! Howdy, bitches! That’s it. I’m not going to run with bad cowboy-speak for the entire article. I really just wanted to write “Howdy, bitches.” Earlier this week, Brendan Kamp launched a crowdfunding campaign for The Ballad of Dusty Tortillas, the first issue of an ongoing comic book series described as a lighthearted western. Cowritten by Brendan Kemp’s brother, Stephen

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Gilbert Deltrez teases new project, “Pistolera”

Earlier this week, independent comic writer/artist Gilbert Deltrez (Lair) teased an upcoming project, Pistolera. Planned as a crowdfunded project via Kickstarter, Deltrez describes Pistolera as a revenge western. Unfortunately, not much else is known about the Pistolera project at the moment. For the time being, you can check out the cover for Pistolera below, featuring art by J. L. Jiles

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