ITC launches investigation into Nintendo, considers blocking Switch imports

The US International Trade Commission (ITC) announced Tuesday that it will investigate the Nintendo Switch for patent  infringement.

The ITC’s decision comes at the request of a company called Gamevice, who asserts that the Nintendo Switch infringes on its patents for detachable controllers. Gamevice also asked the ITC for a cease and desist order which would prevent Nintendo from importing the Switch into the United States. Good luck with that, Gamevice.


Of course Sonic is still trying to muck things up for Nintendo!

Gamevice tried suing Nintendo last year for similar reasons, but the company decided to drop the case voluntarily. Perhaps Gamevice ran short of cash in trying to tackle the Big N, and now they’re hoping to get a governmental assist?

With that in mind, it looks like Nintendo’s legal team will be busy in the short term, so now is the time to launch your Zelda fan project!

Or don’t.

Source: CNET

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