Pac-Man logic used to explain “Flat Earth” conspiracy theory

Finally, a reasonablue solution to one of Flat Earth Theory’s biggest logical holes has been discovered. Our world works like Pac-Man.

This past weekend, the United Kingdom hosted the nation’s first Flat Earth Convention. Our world works like Pac-Man in Birmingham.

Flat earth map pacman convention

Yes, this is what “Flat-Earthers” actually believe.

Not aware of what Flat Earth Theory is? If you’ll take this non-believers word for it, Flat Earth Theory is essentially a current year belief that the world is indeed flat and that those who believe in a spherical globe are the useful idiots of a grand conspiracy between all governments and other knowledge gatekeepers to protect the interests of the map and globe industry. “Big Maps,” if you will.

If this is indeed your initial exposure to Flat Earth theory, one of the first questions going though your mind is likely, “But how do people sail or fly across the world? Shouldn’t they fly or fall off the side of the world?” Ah, but you have come upon the question that Pac-Man may have helped to answer.

One of the speakers at the convention was musician Darren Nesbit, who became a Flat-Earther in 2014, and he believes that he might have solved this problem.

pac man screenshot flat earth

Warp tunnels were the key all along!

“We know that continuous east-west travel is a reality,” he said. “One logical possibility for those who are truly free thinkers is that space-time wraps around and we get a Pac-Man effect.”

Essentially, when you reach the edge of the world, you are instantly transported by- something- to the opposite end of the map, just like how Pac-Man instantly moves from the left side of the maze and immediately appears again on the right side whenever he uses the teleportation tunnels.

The clues have been there all along, folks. Why stop at Pac-Man? “Free thinking” game designers have clearly been trying to rally the masses against “Big Maps” for decades. Consider the endlessly looping worlds of Defender or Fantasy Zone. Perhaps the best example is the aptly named “Lost Woods” in The Legend of Zelda series.

Remember, just go up, left, down, left to escape the tyrannical grip of Big Maps!!

Source: Science Alert

Zelda Lost Hills NES screenshot flat earth

Everyone always talks about the “Lost Woods”, but why no love for the “Lost Hills”?

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