Indie Comic project “Public Domain” launches on Indiegogo

On Thursday, a crowdfunding campaign for a new graphic novel titled Public Domain launched on Indiegogo.

Public Domain is the second book intended as part of the “Superverse”, a shared comic book universe created by Ben Dunn and heavily influenced by comic books of the 1940s and 1950s. The first Superverse project, Jungle Comics, was successfully funded on Indiegogo in July.

Here’s a plot synopsis of Public Domain taken from the Indiegogo page:

The story begins in the gritty streets of 1975 New York City. We meet Detectives Frank Barnes and Joe Reeds as they try to uncover why Cal Martin, a former actor famous for playing the character Rocket Man, was murdered in a cheap Uptown hotel.

But what starts as a noir,  Starsky-and-Hutch-style murder/mystery, gradually morphs into a fantastic adventure that will open the doors to the Superverse.

As the title suggests, Public Domain revives some long-forgotten characters from decades past. Several members of the “Freedom League” may be familiar to fans of the era (The Black Terror is probably the easiest to identify). How many do you recognize?

The 96-page graphic novel will be available in several formats, including hardcover, softcover, and digital PDF, with backer tiers starting at $5. Big spenders can receive other perks including a poster, signed copies of the book, and original artwork.

Public Domain is written by David Furr, with illustrations by Dell Barras and colors by Gerilou Smith. Once completed, the book will be published by Antarctic Press.

You can check out some sample art for the book below, or head over to the Public Domain Indiegogo page here.

Public Domain Indiegogo Coming Soon

Public Domain Character Sample page

Public Domain Skeleton with comics Indiegogo Comic Page Sample

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