New indie comic project “General Washington: Victory or Death” hits Indiegogo (updated)

On Tuesday, a crowdfunding campaign for a new independent comic titled General Washington: Victory or Death launched on Indiegogo.

Victory or Death is intended as the first of four graphic novels featuring the valor and heroism of the American patriots who fought and died in the fight for American independence. Project creator Eric Saenz noted that the book will strive for historical accuracy, going as far as consulting a historical advisor to ensure that the true hardships and heroism of General Washington’s revolutionaries are conveyed in factual detail.

Here’s a plot summary taken from the General Washington Indiegogo page:

George Washington finds himself leading a band of untrained and ill equipped misfits against the world’s most powerful army.  Many of his generals have no prior military experience.  His soldiers are poorly fed, and missing basic items such as shoes or coats.

Washington’s own inexperience leads to heavy casualties during his first battles.  The army is then forced into an embarrassing retreat. With winter approaching, the consensus among the troops is that the revolution is lost.

The general realizes that his army is in jeopardy of disbanding, and decides on a surprise attack to save the cause.  Washington then engages in a desperate gamble that can only end in victory, or death.

You can buy into the project for just $5, which gets you a digital edition of the book. A printed edition will run you $20, and those looking to throw around even more cash can get other perks, including a t-shirt, poster, or signed copies of the book. Currently, Victory or Death is expected to be 48 pages, although it could be expanded to 60 pages if there is enough financial support.*

General Washington: Victory or Death is written by Eric Saenz and features illustrations by Simon Myers (Dr. Who).

You can check out some sample artwork below or the visit the full General Washington Indiegogo page here.

General Washington: Victory or Death Comic Book CoverGeneral Washington: Victory or Death The American Crisis Comic Art PanelGeneral Washington: Victory or Death Soldiers Comic Panel No. 2

*Note: this post was updated on 9 August to include the page count.

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