Ben Jones launches sci-fi comic “Asgard” on Indiegogo

This weekend, the crowdfunding campaign for the first issue of independent comic series Asgard launched on Indiegogo. Asgard is a 48-page science fiction comic created by Ben Jones. According to Jones, the illustrations for Asgard are 90% complete, with the art only lacks coloring and lettering. At the time of this writing, Asgard is 46% funded having raised over $4600.

Here’s a summary of the plot taken from the Asgard Indiegogo page:

The adventure begins in this high octane first chapter of Asgard four part miniseries following Desmond Gant that has bonded with Mjolnir and Muninn while learning to control his new powers. The Inquisition is hot on his heels, attempting to subdue the monster they believe him to be as he searches for his daughter. The action boils over as, gods of legendary pantheons have escaped to earth, on the run from a deadly enemy, seeking a new power, a power that save them all.

Will Desmond become the Savior of the gods, his daughter and Earth or will he be the Destroyer prophecies have foretold? 

Backers can get a copy of the book starting at $25, though there are a number of options for those who are interested in contributing more. Extra perks include variant covers, original artwork, and a copy of Asgard issue #0, which is another 72 pages of story. All backers receive a bookmark in addition to the Asgard comic book.

There are also several stretch goals listed for the Asgard project, including benchmarks for digital versions of the books, 12 additional pages, and even copies of Asgard issue 2 for all backers if the campaign hits $40k, which is a pretty awesome bonus.

Jones predicts a February 2019 delivery date for Asgard issue 1, though you only have until 7 October to back the project. If you’re interested, you can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Asgard Indiegogo page here.

asgard sample art 2

asgard sample page 3

asgard sample page

asgard sample Art

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