Intellivision console details to be announced at Portland Retro Gaming Expo

On Wednesday, Intellivision Entertainment announced that more details about its upcoming home video game console will be revealed during the Portland Retro Gaming Expo on Saturday, October 20th. This information includes hardware specs, launch date, price, games available at launch, game publishers, and online capabilities. We’ll also get a first look at the new Intellivision console itself, the controller and what the logo will look like.

Intellivision president Tommy Tallarico will deliver the keynote address for the Portland Retro Gaming Expo, which will be streamed LIVE and archived on the Intellivision Entertainment social media pages and website.

Intellivision’s mission with this new console is to focus on “simple, affordable, family and fun” entertainment. We’ll all get to learn what that means on 20 October.

Source: Intellivision Entertainment

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