Samurai comic “Asami: Children of Rusu” fully funded on Indiegogo

Earlier this week, the crowdfunding campaign for indie comic book project Asami: Children of Rudy achieved its funding goal of $5 thousand via Indiegogo. Asami is a 40-page, manga-inspired samurai comic written by Stephen Hart and Gabriel Rosales, featuring illustrations by Hart and colors by DC Alonso.

Below is a plot summary taken from the Indiegogo campaign page.

“Japan, late Edo period. A young samurai named Asami Nishimura is on a journey to save Japan from her former Clan and Daimyo. She is daughter of Kenichi Nishimura, a most trusted bodyguard to the current Daimyo of the Rusu clan. After troubles beseech their land at the hands of a Daimyo who has been chosen by the gods, Kenichi rebels against his lord and sends Asami away. Armed with a mysterious holy weapon Asami searches for a man named John Moses. By banding together, they set out to unite the Daimyo of the other provinces to wage war and Defy the Gods of Rusu.”

Backers can receive a digital copy of the book for $15, while physical copies of the book (all signed) are $20. Asami is a bit light on the extra perks, but there are options to get your name listed on a “special thanks” page and for buying extra copies of the comic at a slight discount. However, there are a couple of realistic stretch goals, including a bookmark and professional lettering if the project reaches $6500, and some additional sketch pages and a slick square binding if it reaches $8000. Both seem very achievable at this point.

At the time of this writing, there is still just over a week to back the Asami project. You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Asami: Children of Rusu Indiegogo page here.

Asami: Children of Rusu sample page No.1 Asami: Children of Rusu sample page No.2 Asami: Children of Rusu sample page No.3 Hayashi vs AsamiAsami: Children of Rusu sample page No. 4 Asami's RevengeAsami: Children of Rusu Hayashi's death

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