Crowdfunding campaign for “Agenda! Superheroes with a Purpose” launches on Indiegogo

“Tyranny and injustice have new foes. Governments will not approve”

Earlier this week, the crowdfunding campaign for a new comic book project Agenda! Superheroes with a Purpose launched on Indiegogo. The Agenda! campaign is intended to fund an ongoing, quarterly comic series with each issue weighing in at a girthy 48 pages.

But what’s Agenda! all about? Below is a summary of the plot taken from the Indiegogo campaign page.

“Most comics that claim to be set in the real world fail to take on real issues seriously. But along comes Agenda which will take on subjects even the media wants to bury.

“What if six people came along with the power to actually affect change? Governments would immediately see them as a threat. Problems are often the byproduct of politics.”

The creative team behind Agenda! Superheroes with a Purpose has a solid pedigree. Agenda! is written by James Hudnall, an award-winning, 30+ year veteran of the comic book industry who has written for both DC and Marvel, in addition to creating Espers, The Psycho, The Age of Heroes, Streets, and both Hardcase and the Solution for Malibu Comics. Illustrations for Agenda! are covered by Matt Cossin (Time Cheeta) and colors by Mikey Cossin. Agenda! is also is the first book for The Freedom Forge, a company whose mission is to provide an avenue for creators who want to work outside the limitations of corporate publishers.

The concept behind Agenda! has been brewing in writer James Hudnall’s mind for several years. According to Hudnall:

“I always felt if superhumans really existed in the real world, and tried to change it, the results would be far from predictable. Power systems do not like competition or interlopers.”

If you’re worried that the plot sounds a bit too much like a lecture or a political sermon, Hudnall acknowledges your concern, saying, “This is not political in the sense that it’s an attack on any political party.” Hudnall continues, “I am not out to alienate anyone. I seek to entertain. I write stories to stand the test of time.”

Interested? Backers can get a digital version of the comic for $10, while physical copies of the book start at $20, which also includes a poster. If you contribute more cash, you can get extra copies of the book, t-shirts, and even original artwork. Every backer will receive a postcard signed by the creators.

You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Agenda! Superheroes with a Purpose Indiegogo page here.

Agenda Indiegogo James Hudnall comic cover

Agenda James Hudnall sample page No. 1 city speechAgenda James Hudnall sample page No. 2 Pharaoh's Judgement Agenda James Hundall sample page No. 3 Tokyo board meeting

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