Indiegogo campaign for samurai comic “Asami” ends successfully; still available in-demand

Over the weekend, the Indiegogo campaign for Asami – Children of Rusu ended successfully, raising 175% of its goal for a total of nearly $9 thousand. Asami is a 40-page, manga-inspired samurai comic written by Stephen Hart and Gabriel Rosales, featuring illustrations by Hart and colors by DC Alonso.

If you’re still interested in getting your hands on the comic but missed out on the crowdfunding period, the Asami Indiegogo campaign page has transitioned to an “in-demand” store for now, so you can still pre-order copies of the book for a limited time. Asami project creator Stephen Hart is still considering adding a stretch goal if the book crosses the $10k threshold, so there may be extra bonuses coming if you choose to support the comic.

You can visit the full Asami – Children of Rusu Indiegogo page here. In the meantime, take a look at some fairly recent character design artwork below.

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