Mike S. Miller launches ambitious triple-comic Indiegogo campaign

On Wednesday, veteran comic book artist Mike S. Miller (Injustice, Lonestar) launched a new crowdfunding campaign to finance the printing of three different graphic novels: Sixgun Samurai, Deal with the Devil, and The Meg (yep, a comic adaptation of the giant shark novel and later Jason Statham movie).

Below are summaries of each project taken from the Indiegogo page.

Sixgun Samurai

“SIXGUN SAMURAI: Kung Fu’ meets ‘The Karate Kid’ in this classic tale about a boy in search of his father. The teenaged Sixgun Samurai is on his way east to find his father, his last known living relative. But as he travels across the untamed prairie, he finds that dangerous men with dark motives are in pursuit, prepared to kill him to take his swords for reasons they dare not explain.  Sixgun is a minimum of 144 pages.”

Deal with the Devil

“DEAL WITH THE DEVIL is the story of retired FBI agent Anthony Goodwin who receives an unexpected visit from “the one that got away” – a man known as the “Red Letter Killer” who destroyed agent Goodwin’s leg and vanished years before. But things have changed, and Goodwin’s worst enemy needs his help to stop a copycat killer who has kidnapped his sister in an attempt to bring the original killer under his control.  DWTD is a minimum of 128 pages.”

The Meg

“What I’m offering here to you today firstly is an EXCLUSIVE PREMIER EDITION of Steve Alten’s MEG graphic novel adaptation, produced in association with Dabel Brothers Production and Steve Alten, and offered here through IndieGoGo. This version of the book will NEVER BE AVAILABLE IN STORES! So if you are a MEG HEAD, you NEED THIS BOOKOnce it is gone from IndieGoGo, it will never be made available again! The MEG IndieGoGo exclusive graphic novel will be a minimum of 144 pages, with pages to be added as the campaign hits higher milestones!”

Want them all? Want just one? Backers can choose to receive all three books or each book individually in either physical or digital formats. There are tiers for those with more money to spend, including extra copies of the books, signed copies, and original artwork. There is also a “Comics for the troops” tier, in which your purchase will not only get you copies of the books, but extra copies will be printed and donated to members of the U.S. Military.

That’s a girthy pile of comics, no? Mike S. Miller celebrated the launch of the campaign on his YouTube channel, which you can watch below, or you can visit the full Indiegogo page here.

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