Roger Corman’s cancelled “Fantastic Four” film from 1994 is now available to watch on YouTube

Before failing three times to impress fans of Marvel’s The Fantastic Four with big-screen adaptations, there was a fully-produced film in 1994 that was considered to be so bad, it was canceled before release. Executive produced by Roger Corman and directed by Oley Sassone, this ill-fated take on Marvel’s first family starred Alex Hyde-White as Reed Richards (Richaaarrrrds!!!), Jay Underwood as Johnny Storm, Rebecca Staub (a former Miss USA contestant- hubba, hubba!) as Sue Storm, Michael Bailey Smith as Ben Grimm, and Joseph Culp as Victor Von Doom. All this on a less-than-girthy budget of just $1.5 million. How could this possibly go wrong?

Despite all attempts to repress memories of the film’s existence, bootlegged versions on video cassette and DVD-R have circulated the convention scene and the back alleys behind comics shops for years. Now thanks to the power of the Internet, such illicit transgressions are no longer necessary, as the full version is now on YouTube. If you’re interested in watching, I suggest you do it before the dust settles on the Fox/Disney deal, because Disney may very well find a way to strike it down. The Four may have defeated the likes of Dr. Doom, Namor and Galactus, but nobody can topple the House of Mouse.

Is it as bad as 2015’s FANT4STIC? Giant douche, turd sandwich; po-tay-to, po-tah-to… You be the judge.

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