Altus’ response to “Catherine: Full Body” censorship concerns raises more questions for PS4 owners

Atlus recently responded to fans concerned that the re-imagined Catherine: Full Body would be censored by Sony just as many other risqué titles have in the past few months.

One such game is the visual novel Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart, in which jarring beams of light cover up many of the sexier images in the PlayStation version of the game (Both the PC and Nintendo Switch versions remained uncensored). Warning! The PG-13 images below of a 2D, fictional character may SHOCK YOU!

Nora sun bathing  at the beach

Censored Nora sun bathing at the beach

When asked about whether Catherine: Full Body would receive similar treatment from Sony, a representative from the development team gave the following response via social media.

“There are no mysterious lights in Catherine: Full Body. (We went as far as we could go without the light shining.) To everyone worried about that, we love you. (We received about 10 more of the same question.)”

– Studio Zero Sheep Man No. 1

That response is awfully specific with regard to “white lights”, but it does not speak to the broader concern over whether Sony will insist on other forms of censorship. The lingering question now isn’t whether the developers went “as far as they could without light shining,” but whether Sony allowed them to go as far as they wanted to as creators. The video below by Jay RPG echoes these very concerns.

Should there be concern for those hoping for an untainted game, or are we possibly reading too far into this? After all, there may also have been some confusion in the Japanese/English translation. Still, gamers wanting a truly “full-body” experience of Catherine would probably do well to read the post-release reviews before purchasing… or cross their fingers for a Nintendo Switch version. (I can’t believe I just wrote that last sentence. Where did our timeline go so wrong?)

Source: Gematsu

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