Todd Mulrooney and John Dillard tease new horror anthology “Tales from Beyond the Gate”

Earlier this week, comic artist Todd Mulrooney showed off a single page from his upcoming collaboration with Mike Baron for horror anthology Tales from Beyond the Gate (below).
Clearly part of Mulrooney’s story takes place in modern day, and a note iyat the top of the teaser page reads “Count Rorshok is risen from the grave”, suggesting the involvement of an undead ancient aristocrat. Sounds ominous. Probably a villain, eh? Better hurry up with that rising from the grave thing, ’cause he’s only got seven pages to do it.

Artist John Dillard joined Mulrooney in teasing his tale from the upcoming anthology, which you can see below.

Tales beyond the Gate teaser Todd Mulrooney

That little girl looks as though she’s planning to assault that poor, defenseless teddy bear. That won’t end well; hasn’t she ever played Splatterhouse 3? Dillard has been hosting a few Tales from Beyond the Gate livestreams on his YouTube channel, one of which you can watch below.

After a slight bit of digging, it appears as though comic artist and Aviore creator Eric Weathers is also contributing a story to Tales from Beyond the Gate, but at the moment, informationx about the upcoming horror anthology is still slowly trickling out. We’ll do our best to keep you updated as more news surfaces.

Look for the Tales from Beyond the Gate Indiegogo campaign to launch on 14 February during “the Witching Hour”… whenever that is.

I’m not a Satanist.

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