Cheeky gaming ads: Konami

Before the world went nuts and people turned into whiny-ass vanguards of social righteousness, video game advertisements were frequently quite awesome. This is The Splintering‘s third post highlighting samples of how the video game industry didn’t always take itself so seriously, and sometimes let their advertisements reflect the spirit of their games… through fun.

For this third installment, we’re specifically highlighting Konami arcade game flyers.

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Konami_final round_arcade_flyer_ad_the splintering.jpg

Who wants to go a round with “Speedbags”?


No matter what your opinion on leggy lady featured in this ad happens to be, can we all agree that Konami’s old logo was awful?


“She breathes through her skin” – Hideo Kojima

88 games_konami_the splintering_flyer.jpg

She did a gold-medal job shaving those pits. Great job!


Bouffant blonde is ready to blow your load

wec le mans_the splintering_ad_flyer_konami.jpg

Is the machine supposed to be driving away, or running over the hot brunette on the ground?

Top-Gunner_the splintering_konami_ad_flyer_arcade.jpg

Top Gunner = Jackal if you were wondering. I wonder why Konami changed the name? Hm, let me thi- oop! Hot brunette with guns.


For this one, Konami sprung for a monkey, while the lady on the left kinda gets my own monkey sprung… seriously, though, who remembers this game?


The most offensive thing about this ad is that Castlevania never looked so silly, and I watched every episode of Captain N

Konami_spy_arcade_flyer_ad_the splintering.jpg

Special Project Y – chromosome, am I right?


Shirtless and armed with a pistol. I’ll bet these fellas are feeling safer already…


Pole dancing with bullets? Sold.

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  1. Western arcade game flyers
  2. Japanese arcade flyers

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