Cheeky Gaming Ads: SEGA in the 90s

Before the world went nuts and people turned into whiny-ass vanguards of social righteousness, video game advertisements were frequently quite awesome. This is The Splintering’s fourth post highlighting samples of how the video game industry didn’t always take itself so seriously, and sometimes let their advertisements reflect the spirit of their games… through fun. For this installment, we’re specifically highlighting SEGA’s ads from the 1990’s. SEGA was a key driver in pushing gaming to a more mature audience, and it certainly shows in some of these ads. To see previous installments, select below.
  1. Western arcade game flyers
  2. Japanese arcade flyers
  3. Konami arcade flyers
The Splintering_Cheeky gaming ads_Sega_genesis_mega drive_stick

In case you’re having trouble reading the fine print: “You sit there, eyes glued to the writhing, arcade-quality graphics, pulling and squeezing your knob. Now you’re breathing heavily over the digital stereo sound. Now you’re shooting all over the place, but it’s no use…’GAME OVER.'”

The Splintering_Cheeky gaming ads_Sega_32X

Don’t worry, it was aborted. Eh, maybe more euthanized, I suppose.

The Splintering_Cheeky gaming ads_Sega_Game Gear_go blind

Why does it look like the Game Gear has three action buttons? That’s not right! I’m outraged!

The Splintering_Cheeky gaming ads_Sega_domestic violence_virtua fighter

“Hey, kids! Do you live in fear of abusive parents? Don’t forget to let them win!” …I love this ad so much.


Linford Christie is a British sprinter who I guess is known for having ample man parts?

The Splintering_Cheeky gaming ads_Sega_Sonic rings

Ryan Reynolds was a weirdo in the mid-90s.

The Splintering_Cheeky gaming ads_Sega_Mega CD

You just lost a sale, SEGA.

The Splintering_Cheeky gaming ads_Sega_Davis Cup Tennis_woman

This ad is technically for a Tengen tennis game not published by SEGA. Why did I include it? I just… sorta felt like it.

The Splintering_Cheeky gaming ads_Sega_beach

Yes, that’s a hairy pair o’ balls. British balls.

The Splintering_Cheeky gaming ads_Sega_Saturn_nude woman

Ah, the SEGA Saturn centerfold pinup. Hey! I could go for some “Virtua Cop!”

Last but certainly not least… the legendary Japanese ad campaign for the SEGA Saturn featuring Segata Sanshiro. What better way to sell games than ruining Christmas, gutting a fish and beating up kids? (Courtesy of Saturn Memories)

Thanks for reading! To see the older installments of Cheeky Game Ads, click below!
  1. Western arcade game flyers
  2. Japanese arcade flyers
  3. Konami arcade flyers
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