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National Videogame Museum discovers scrapped plans for “Alien Vs. Predator” football game

Whoever wins…. …Ah, forget it. We all definitely lost out in the early 90s, because there were apparently plans drawn up for an Alien Vs. Predator football game (God’s American-style football, not European footsie-ball) which never fully materialized. Originally pitched for the SEGA Genesis (Mega Drive) console, Cosmic Hard Bowl pits Xenomorph against the Yautja in a carnage-infused battle on

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“ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove” releases 1 March, presented by McCaulay Culkin

For those who backed the Kickstarter campaign waaay back in 2015 (*raises hand), the long wait for HumaNature Studios’ ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove is almost over. After a turbulent production process, the first aliens of funk make their return to PC and consoles on Friday, 1 March. Getting the final product to gamers has to be both

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Chomp bites one off: ToeJam & Earl… well, just Earl, actually (interview, humor)

Every now and again, we at The Splintering are going to lean on our mascot, Chomp the Termite, to go out into the world of myth and fiction to get the stories that we non-fictional types just can’t get. Today, Chomp digs deep with Earl from the classic ToeJam & Earl series, which is finally getting a long-awaited sequel with

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How well did SEGA’s “OutRun 2019” predict the actual technology of 2019?

The futurists working in entertainment are always letting us down. Back to the Future part II promised us hoverboards and flying cars, but when 2015 rolled around, they were nowhere to be seen. The original animated Transformers movie promised us hoverboards by 2005, so Hasbro was even more off the mark. As it turns out, video games have been predicting

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Reflection: “Splatterhouse 2” (SEGA Genesis)

Of all the games I’ve owned, sold, repurchased, etc., over the years, I’ve never sold any of my original Splatterhouse games. Why? Because braining demons with blunt objects and watching their unholy essence spray from their freshly-cracked skulls is good ol’ family fun. Wholesome shit, am I right? My personal experience with the Splatterhouse series went like this: Splatterhouse (TG-16 version), Splatterhouse 3, and finally Splatterhouse

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