About That Review…

While we here at The Splintering try to have fun and embrace escapism as much as possible, sometimes we may go too far and miss the mark.

Following our retro review of Captain America and the Avengers for SEGA Genesis, we received literally tens and tens of messages of concern from our readers. Literally.

You see, in the text of the original review, we referred to Marvel’s Namor character by the outdated name “Sub-Mariner”. We’ve since been educated by voices in the oceanographic/gill-breathing/water-based community that the term “sub-mariner” is an offensive slur, and that characters such as Namor should instead be referred to as “fish-kin”.

We take this sort of thing totes seriously at The Splintering, and want to thank all of the lunatics voices who reached out to us and shared their concerns. I’m sure if Namor was actually a real person, I’m sure he would speaking with you all in #unity. Oh shit, I just called Namor a person… I meant a “fish-kin!” I guess id better break out my checkbook and make a donation to some such thing…

Anyway… Will we be removing or altering the language in the review? No. Will we apologize? Of course not. We’re just happy to be a part of such a crucial conversation.

We’re sorry…? Nah.

Thanks for reading!

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