Trixie Cain: Blood Reaper launches March 1 on Indiegogo

Indie comic book writer Nasser Rabadi (Brutas the Badass) is collaborating on a new project with co-writer Joey Turnage (Something Real) and artist Shawn Langley (It Came Out on a Wednesday) titled Trixie Cain: Blood Reaper. For the past few weeks, both Rabadi and Langley have been dropping teaser images for Trixie Cain, which so far appears to be a horror/adventure book with some pretty gruesome imagery.

The crowdfunding campaign for Trixie Cain: Blood Reaper is currently scheduled to launch on March 1 via Indiegogo. In the meantime, have a look at some of the teaser images below… if. you. DARE!

Trixie Cain: Bloody Reaper artwork No.1 watch your back

Trixie Cain: Bloody Reaper artwork No.2 creature slaughteredTrixie Cain: Bloody Reaper sample pageTrixie Cain: Bloody Reaper concept artTrixie Cain: Bloody Reaper demon concept art No.2Trixie Cain: Bloody Reaper creature concept art  No.3Trixie Cain: Bloody Reaper sample art page No.2 woman to the slaughter

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