There’s precious little time left to pre-order Meta Ridley from First 4 Figures

Do you remember a time when Samus was a silent badass, so professional and adept at killing space pirates that she didn’t shit her pants at the sight of Ridley?

Those were the days. Specifically, those were the days of Metroid Prime on the Nintendo GameCube, and images of the legendary Meta Ridley boss fight are part and parcel to that glorious gaming era.

The folks at First 4 Figures have painstakingly captured the terrifying Meta Ridley in all his villainous glory as part of their new Metroid Villains line, and good-Goddamn he looks slick.

Watch the video showcasing the figure below, and tell me that you don’t want this thing. Sure, you could say that you can’t afford it, but you still want it, don’t ya’?


You can preorder Meta Ridley from First 4 Figures here for $599.99 – or you could instead use that cash to buy about four months worth of gas for your car. Nobody ever said that Nintendo fanboying was easy. Better hurry though, preorders close on Friday, 22 February.

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