“Alex Kidd in Miracle World” now on Switch as part of the SEGA Ages line; debut trailer released

SEGA’s greatest mascot (fight me, Sonic fanboys) is finally making his Nintendo Switch debut with the release of Alex Kidd in Miracle World as part of the SEGA Ages line.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the game’s new features as a SEGA Ages title:

Ages Mode: Adding Countless New Elements

In addition to “Original Mode,” where the original version can be played without change, the Sega Ages release adds a new “Ages Mode.” Ages Mode offers the same fun of the original version, while adding support for FM Sound Unit background music, allowing players to enjoy numerous tracks in nostalgic frequency modulation.

Additionally, the “Continue” feature after getting a “Game Over” has been simplified and a helper feature has been added to rewind gameplay up to five seconds, making the game more accessible for players who might not be good at action games.

And with the addition of newly drawn event images at the start of important stages, and the in-game implementation of the Sukopako Motorcycle theme, “phantom background music” recorded for the soundtrack but not used in the game, Ages Mode aims to be original game in its complete form.

Originally released for the SEGA Master System/Mark III in the 1980′s, Alex Kidd in Miracle World was the first game featuring Prince Alex of Radaxian. Alex Kidd went on to star in five other titles before stepping aside for Sonic to assume the position of SEGA’s mascot. Fortunately for Alex, he solved the mystery of his missing father in Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle, so there’s really not much left for him to do other than groom his sideburns and rule Radaxian with a balloon-like fist.

Alex Kidd in Miracle World is currently on the Japanese Nintendo Switch eShop for 925 yen. You can watch the SEGA Ages Alex Kidd in Miracle World debut trailer below.


Source: Gematsu

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One comment

  • I am not quite understanding what they mean with, “and the in-game implementation of the Sukopako Motorcycle theme, “phantom background music” recorded for the soundtrack but not used in the game.” The music they played in the video was the same theme as before, which was in the game. I didn’t hear any new music. But, I did notice that the pedicopter music wasn’t used in the video. Has me all sorts of confused!

    Fixing the continue system is nice, but was really more needed when I was 10, so not for me. The new picture intros are an interesting addition, but, why? Adding the fm support is nice, but I am nostalgic on the regular songs since I live in the U.S. Not sure I would septuple dip for this other than to show support for Alex Kidd… but who am I kidding? I’m sure “I’d buy that for a dollar” (or more) if it gets released over here!

    Thanks for the heads up!

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