¡Madre de Dios! “Juanpool” launches on Indiegogo, fully funded on first day

The creators of the indie comedy comic Juanpool: Journey of the Juan have launched a crowdfunding campaign for the first two issues on Indiegogo. To put it plainly, the project is already making loco bucks, having achieved its full funding goal in the first 24 hours!

Juanpool is already a cult favorite with a dedicated group of snarky fans, and it was even nominated for indie comic of the year on Comix Central. Not too shabby for a book that was largely crafted while the creator lived in his car! (Holy shit, right?)

Speaking of the creator, Juanpool is the brainchild of Troy “Mistah Mahvel” Torres, who created the character as part of a challenge on Cap’n Cummings‘ YouTube channel. The fan response to Juanpool was so massive, that Torres chose to create a 3-issue miniseries to fully realize the character.

Before this Indiegogo campaign, however, the first issue of the Juanpool saga had only existed in digital format. Now, Torres has partnered with Science Wizard Comics so that you can get both issues 1 and 2 in your own two hands.

But what’s Juanpool all about? Here’s a plot summary taken from the Juanpool Indiegogo campaign page.


“Meet Juan Quintanilla, a hero-watcher in a world inhabited by masked superheroes and villains. When Juan’s favorite heroine, Badger Babe, suddenly goes missing, replaced by a strange doppelganger, Juan sets out on a journey to find her. The 3-part series: Journey of the Juan, follows Juan’s transformation from meager internet e-celeb to the most unlikely of superhero: JUANPOOL!!!

Backers can get single issues for $8, or both issues 1 and 2 together for $15. If you want to get a bit of Juanpool swag, there are also options for a t-shirt and a poster.

Several stretch goals are planned, though none have yet been announced. However, since the project reached full funding on day one, Science Wizard Comics owner Josh VanHalteren has promised a free pinup poster for all backers just to say “thank you” for the warm and immediate fan response.

Looks interesting, right? You can check out some sample artwork below or jump to the full Juanpool: Journey of the Juan Indiegogo page here.

…Seriously, he made this book while living in a car…?

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