Clint Stoker’s sci-fi graphic novel “Downcast” launches 2 April on Indiegogo

YouTube personality Clint Stoker (aka Sweetcast) is making the jump to comic book crowdfunding with Downcast, an all-new graphic novel written by Stoker and illustrated by Ignacio Lazaro and lettered by Eric Weathers.

Here’s a plot summary of the book.

“When a piece of the sun falls into the hands of underclass siblings, they abuse its power to bring the corrupt government of their floating city to its knees to save their father from death in prison. DOWNCAST is an YA adventure & feels like DEATH NOTE meets MORTAL ENGINES.

Interested? Set your reminders, because Downcast launches 2 April on Indiegogo. In the meantime, you can check out some sample artwork below or sign up for email updates directly from the Downcast creative team here.

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