A bloodbath of action and redemption, “Handyman” relaunches on Indiegogo

This week, the creative team of Brad Ashworth and Tyler Carpenter relaunched their crowdfunding campaign for the ultra-violent Handyman on Indiegogo. Described as “a bloodbath of action and redemption,” Handyman is a 48-page graphic novel featuring mostly black and white artwork highlighted with glorious red blood drips, sprays and splatters.

While Handyman failed to achieve its funding goal a few months ago, Ashworth has retooled the campaign and added some extra details on the project in hopes of gaining more traction this second time around.

Here’s a plot summary taken from the Handyman Indiegogo page.

Juarez, Mexico  

In a gritty, soulless border town that smells of blood, sex, and liquor, there’s no real honest way to make a living. I only had two choices in life — become the cartel’s instrument of death or end up the next decapitated message hanging from an overpass. 

Working for the Castaneda Cartel transformed me into the perfect killer.  Cold. Calculating. Uncaring. I was truly a heartless messenger for evil men.  

After a lifetime of wading in a river of blood, I escaped this self-inflicted nightmare. Why God chose to bless me with Maria and my sweet little Gloria, I will never know. Perhaps he knew a good woman and an innocent child of my own could change the heart of this devil.  

Together, we fled this hell and disappeared into the safety of America. We had two wonderful years together as a family… until the cartel forced me to return to the blood-soaked past I’d left behind and use my tools to issue vengeance on men I once called “brothers”.

Backers can get a digital version of Handyman for $5, while physical copies of the book start at $15. There are also backing tiers that include variant covers, original artwork, bonus digital content, and even the opportunity to have your own likeness drawn into the book.

Thirsty for more? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Handyman Indiegogo page here.

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