Christian-themed comic “Tribulation Force” successfully funded on Indiegogo

Last night, the crowdfunding campaign for Tribulation Force #0 ended successfully, raising 185% of its funding goal. Of course, it should be noted that Tribulation Force creator Bill Raupp was only asking for a humble $500, but a win is a win, right?

Here’s a plot summary of the book taken from the Tribulation Force Indiegogo page.


“The Bible tells of a coming period of great turmoil, referred to by many as the End of Days. 

“The soon to be world leader known as the anti-christ is on a mission to bring forth the last days, before the appointed time. Under a platform of world peace, he uses his position in the United Nations to assemble a team of Super powered warriors to help him achieve his true goal, the destruction of mankind.

“God calls a young man named Hector (aka Grok) to find the Apostle John, who has never died, and is being held captive at the Vatican.

“Together they will assemble the greatest Superhero force the world has ever seen.


If you missed out on the crowdfunding campaign, you’re out of luck for the moment. Unlike many other Indiegogo projects, Tribulation Force did not transition to an in-demand store at the end of the crowdfunding period.

Spoilers! In The Bible, I’m pretty sure the Anti-Christ wins.

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