If you were an ’80s kid, the man who wrote your childhood passed away last weeks

If you grew up watching ’80s or ’90s cartoons, chances are you watched an episode written by Larry DiTillio. Most famous for his work on writing Masters of the Universe, The Real Ghostbusters, and Transformers: Beast Wars, DiTillio’s writing credits also include some slightly more obscure children’s shows including Conan the Adventurer, The California Raisin Show, and Peter Pan and the Pirates.

DiTillio passed away last week following a long illness. He was 79.

Long time friend J. Michael Straczynski posted a touching tribute to DiTillio on social media. If you ever used a stick as a makeshift sword as a kid, raised it into the air and proclaimed to the sky “By the power of Grayskull… I have the power!”, take a moment to read it.

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