Google Stadia details: price, lag, store

More details are slowly trickling out on the Google Stadia, the new streaming gaming service recently announced at GDC.

We already have indications that the Stadia service (known internally at Google as Project Yeti) will come with zero cost, leaving gamers having to pay only for the games themselves.

One primary concern regarding the Stadia is how much lag gamers can expect when streaming from Google’s data centers in California. Will anyone other than the West Coast elite really be able to play without issue? According to a trial conducted by Digital Foundry, the Stadia performs with a latency of 166 millisecond for 200 megabit download connections (adjusted for display latency). For comparison, Xbox One X latency when playing locally is 144 milliseconds.

YouTube creator Jeremy Hambly (a.k.a The Quartering) has reportedly received an anonymous tip from a Google insider, including early images of the Google Stadia store. To see his thoughts on the Stadia’s impact on the gaming industry as well as images of the store, check out his video below.


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