“Shantae 5” coming to PC, consoles in 2019

In the media blitz surrounding the promotion of the new Apple Arcade, WayForward has announced that Shantae 5 is in development not only for Apple Arcade, but also for PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and other consoles.

That’s pretty much all that is known about the new Shantae game at the time. So what else should we talk about?

Everyone knows how much the original Shantae game goes for these days, right? If you still have the box and manual, it’s worth hundreds of dollars to collectors. It was a very late release for the GameBoy Color, and like many games released late in a platform’s life, it became a bit of a rarity.

I used to work at a Toys R Us (R.I.P.) in their gaming section (or as they called it, the “R Zone”), and I remember having about twenty copies of Shantae in the stock room. They stayed there until the day I left the job.

The GameBoy Advance was the new hotness at the time, and despite being marked down to $9.98 for months, and we simply couldn’t sell them. Even with my employee discount, I didn’t buy myself a copy, though I was tempted on several occasions.

Should’ve bought them all, huh? My game collection today would be worth more than the entire Venezuelan economy!

…So the payoff for reading all that is a socialism joke?!

Yes. Yes it is.

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