You can’t keep a true hero down! “Sporkman: Goes to Japan” returns to Indiegogo

Earlier this week, Sporkman creator Charles Bonetti re-launched the crowdfunding campaign for Sporkman: Goes to Japan on Indiegogo.

Written by Bonetti and co-written by Eric Berry and featuring illustrations by Gifney Richata and colors by Ginger Foxy, Sporkman: Goes to Japan is a 91-page action/comedy superhero story appropriate for readers of all ages. We had the good fortune to interview Chuck Bonetti here on The Splintering, which you can read here.

Here’s a rundown of the Sporkman: Goes to Japan project taken from the Indiegogo campaign page.

“Who is Sporkman? A man of many utilities! A mystery to all who know him! A hero who wields the Power of the Spork! After stopping the bomb threat at the Galacti-Con Sci-Fi Convention, our man of mystery is invited to join the superhero league known as DUH, which includes an all-expenses paid internship in Japan!”

Backers can get all three issues of Sporkman: Goes to Japan for $15, while a trade paperback edition of the full saga is $25. Both options also come with a Sporkman decal and poster.

Want more spork for your buck? There are also backer tiers with extra copies of the book, a t-shirt, the original poster artwork, even a Sporkman action figure which looks pretty damn rad.

Ready for a grand sporking? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Sporkman: Goes to Japan Indiegogo page here.

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