“HIRO: Blood of Patriots” launches on Indiegogo April 30

“I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.”

…Maybe we can change that, soldier.

While mainstream comics are shying away from loyalty and valor in favor of nihilistic deconstructions of anything “heroic,” the creators of HIRO: Blood of the Patriots are hoping to find an audience starving for a patriotic, pro-military, sci-fi adventure. Written by “Macho Dan” and featuring artwork by “Muttman” Jason, HIRO is a 48-page action adventure story set during the future events of World War 3.

Here’s a plot summary taken straight from the pages of the book.

“The Third Great War has raged on for far too long. The United States Armed Forces are running out of soldiers. The Red Threat is advancing. In a desperate move, the U.S. captures Russia’s top biotechnologist and establishes a program to reanimate dead American soldiers on the battlefield. With limited time and resources they delve into the black science of reanimation. Enter HIRO: Hardware Integrated Reanimation Ordnance. Will this be mankind’s greatest creation or its greatest sin?”

Fucking Russians! Better dead than RED, am I right?

Want to see more? The HIRO creative team is already giving prospective readers a chance to check out the first fifteen pages absolutely free by signing up for email updates through the pre-campaign page.

The HIRO: Blood of the Patriots campaign is scheduled to launch on 30 April, so be sure to set your calendar reminders. In the meantime, we’ve dropped a few of the sample pages below, but you can sign up for updates and check out roughly a third of the book for yourself by signing up here.

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