There will be no easy mode in “Driven Out”

Action/adventure side-scroller Driven Out was unveiled just days ago by No Pest Productions, and the team behind the game has already spoken out on the possibility of including an “easy mode”.

Not going to happen.

It’s an odd thing to highlight so early in the game’s marketing cycle, but understandable given the environment created by some gaming journalists who demand that game developers “respect its players and add an easy mode.” Instead, the Driven Out team’s unapologetic response implicitly asks “How about you respect the original vision of the developers and the experience they intended to share?” (Okay, I may be reading into it just a bit)

Created by a team including Jens Kolhammar (A Bastard’s Tale), Driven Out is designed around beautiful 2D visuals and the “deliberate combat” system, which demands that the player carefully anticipate enemy movements and respond accordingly.

Here’s a breakdown of the game taken from the Steam page.

Driven Out is a challenging 2D side-scroller with deliberate combat and beautiful 16 bit retro aesthetic. Our heroine is forced from her home into a dangerous world in upheaval. Forced to fight dangerous fantastical creatures.

Luckily our heroine have stumbled upon a magical contraception that creates copies of herself if she perishes. As long as this strange device have power she can place custom checkpoints. However, be warned, it is a fragile device and if the enemies choose to attack the device it will quickly break.

These enemies are numerous and varied in this seamless world. Our heroin has no combat experience but as long as she keeps her wits about her and read the enemies moves she can prevail. The enemies are also not without wit and might choose to attack the checkpoint if left unprotected.

Key Features:

  • Deliberate combat. Read the enemy and act accordingly.
  • Beautiful 16 bit retro art style with fluid animations.
  • Seamless world without any in-game load screens.
  • Checkpoints can be placed anywhere.
  • Destructible checkpoint, if left unprotected the enemies can choose to attack the checkpoints instead of the player.
  • Skill based combat. No character progression and no loot.

Driven Out is scheduled to release in summer 2019 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, but if you want to get a taste now, you can get a free demo of the game by joining the Driven Out Discord here, or check out some screenshots below.

Anyone else getting a Rastan vibe from these screenshots?

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