SEGA releases “Virtua Racing” overview trailer

It’s already available for Japanese Switch owners, but for gamers waiting for the arcade classic Virtua Racing to arrive in the west, SEGA has released a new overview trailer detailing some of the game’s unique features.


The Nintendo Switch release of SEGA Ages Virtua Racing is being promoted as the first arcade-faithful port of the game. Our Japanese is sketchy (or non-existent) but the trailer shows off several of the game’s unique features, including replay, four different camera angles, online multiplayer and local multiplayer that supports up to eight players at once.

There are two gameplay modes, normal race and Grand Prix race, the latter of which being a 20-lap endurance run where your success is determined not just by driving skill, but also by managing pit stops to stay at peak performance.

We’re still waiting for a western release date for SEGA Ages Virtua Racing. Until then, you’ll still need to dust off your 32X copy is you need a Virtua Racing fix (or create a Japanese Nintendo ID and get the Switch version from the Japanese eShop).

Source: Gematsu

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