No false advertising here, “Super Harem” is pretty much what it sounds like

One of the most mature-themed yet truly original concepts in superhero comics is now crowdfunding on Indiegogo. Super Harem is a 48-page action/comedy written by Matt Wenger and illustrated by Joe Ball. The premise? Any woman that Tim Boring has sex with gains superpowers.

So, are we using the Bill Clinton definition of “sexual relations?” Does Tim have to fully wash the inside of her mommy parts with his man-suds? Maybe the story set-up from the Super Harem Indiegogo page will clue us in.

“Apollo Beach is a popular resort town in the summer. There was a time that the small town even claimed it’s own super hero, The Valkyrie! The Valkyrie once defended Apollo Beach against strange giant monsters. In winter now the tourists are all gone and they aren’t all that is missing. Both The Valkyrie and the monsters she once battled have all disappeared.

“Tim Boring is one of a handful of people who knows what happened to her. The Valkyrie’s real name is Sofie Iceni and she was the love of his life. Sofie left Tim upon learning that it was The Valkyrie’s powers themselves that had summoned the monsters she fought.”

Backers can get a digital version of Super Harem for $8, while a signed physical copy complete with a sexy mini-poster is $25. For those looking for a more premium package, $75 will also buy you an a second ashcan-sized comic and an original sketch from artist Joe Ball.

Curious to know if Super Harem has a happy ending? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Super Harem Indiegogo page here.


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