Facebook bans “Bounding Into Comics” page for “something, something, violations” (updated)

*Update! Late on Wednesday, Facebook restored the Bounding Into Comics page without any changes, nor any explanation regarding why it was removed.

On Sunday, the Bounding Into Comics Facebook page was a popular entertainment-themed outlet with 250+ thousand followers featuring content from the Bounding Into Comics website.

On Monday morning, the page was simply gone.

So what happened? According to Bounding Into Comics’ John Trent, Facebook removed the page suddenly, with the only explanation being vague notices regarding their intellectual property policies. One might think that Facebook would at least point to where the Bounding Into Comics page violated these rules and provided an opportunity to remove the offending content, but instead, Mark Zuckerberg & Co. “Thanos-snapped” it out of existence without warning.

Trent has since tried reaching out to Facebook in an attempt to restore the page, or at least get a more complete explanation. At the time of this writing, nobody at Facebook has responded.

Facebook has gone on quite a ban-happy tear in the past week or so, banning the accounts of several political commentators who have broken no laws, yet who Facebook deems as “dangerous”, nonetheless. This has fueled speculation that Bounding Into Comics somehow got caught in the same ideologically-crafted web, with an intellectual property violation just being a convenient excuse.

As an entertainment-focused site, Bounding Into Comics has not shied away from several controversial topics. As Trent himself points out, Bounding Into Comics has not only covered some of Facebook’s high-profile “bannings,” but several of the website’s writers have highlighted the wildly unprofessional statements and social media activity of Hollywood elites and comic book industry personalities. The latter prompted Marvel Comics to retributively cease sending free review copies to the site. Gotta shill for those freebies, eh CBR?

But it could still be the case that there was, in fact, some gross example of copyright infringement which led to Facebook’s decision. Unfortunately, all of the above explanations are true and none of them are true – in the eye of the beholder – while Facebook’s explanation remains so opaque.

Trent is still actively attempting to contact Facebook to rectify the situation, but if the house of Zuckerberg is anything like its Silicon Valley neighbor Google, I wouldn’t hold my breath. In the meantime, the Bounding Into Comics team is encouraging followers to sign up for their email newsletter. They have also established accounts on several other social media platforms, including Twitter, Gab and MeWe.

Whatever the actual cause, here’s a heartfelt “good luck” to the Bounding Into Comics team in moving forward. Now to see if posting this to Facebook gets The Splintering banned, too…

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