Splatto Comics offers work to creators laid off by Lion Forge/Oni Press merger

The same week that comic book publishers Oni Press and Lion Forge Comics revealed that they are merging, the inevitable announcement of layoffs followed.

With dozens now out of work looking for employment in a struggling comic book industry, the prospects of a lifeline may seem bleak.

As it turns out, Splatto Comics founder Ya’ boi Zack (aka Richard C. Meyer) has three words for those looking for work: “I got you.”

In a recent video posted to his Comics Matter YouTube channel, Meyer offered those affected by the Lion Forge/Oni layoffs immediately available contracting work at his own comics publishing company. Specifically, Splatto is in need of digital pre-press/file preparation, and artists that work in either Cal-Arts or European watercolor styles.

If you were laid off as a result of the Lion Press/Oni merger, contact Ya’ boi at diversityandcomics@gmail.com and give him your best pitch.

Good luck!


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