Issue 2 of “The Scarlet Knight: Defender of the Block” now on Indiegogo

On Monday, 2923 Comics launched a crowdfunding campaign for the second issue of The Scarlet Knight: Defender of the Block via Indiegogo. The Scarlet Knight is planned as a ten-issue series created by Juaquan Herron.

There’s no shortage of horror and fantasy tales featuring monsters wreaking havoc in the countryside and the suburbs, and there are plenty of sci-fi and superhero stories set high atop the skylines of major cities, but Herron wanted to focus on how these kind of events would affect people living on the block – those communities which exist in the shadows of big city high rises and skyscrapers.

Here’s a summary of the project taken from The Scarlet Knight Indiegogo campaign page.

The Scarlet Knight:Defender of the Block is about two cousins who return back to their hometown where they were raised by their grandparents after Medical school to be ER doctors, but find a magic gem that makes them knights in the modern day times.

“This gem also creates medieval chaos in their community and among themselves. True characters are revealed when real power is yielded.

“In this Issue, our main character is trying to make everything right again in order to save his beloved cousin and city, but the gem has created a few more creatures along with a crooked politician, whose intentions aren’t in the best interest of all.  In order to make everything whole, Phoenix must follow Merlin’s exact instructions, or be forced to watch everything crumble.

Backers can get copies of both issues 1 and 2 for $12, and there are several other backing tiers which come with a variety of swag, including a t-shirt, digital screensaver, and even the chance to have your likeness drawn into the final book.

Interested? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Indiegogo page for The Scarlet Knight: Defender of the Block here.

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