Have you taken a walk “In Ryo’s Footsteps”? (SEGA Week Special)

Before their dreams came true when Shenmue III was revealed at E3 2015, the loyal Shenmue fan base was still rich with artistic and musical tributes, social media campaigns, and various other fan projects celebrating the dormant SEGA franchise.

Among the more ambitious fan projects were a pair of documentary films titled In Ryo’s Footsteps by independent filmmakers Andrew Pine and Simon Todd. These documentaries would take the filmmakers to both China and Japan to visit many of the locations which inspired Yu Suzuki to create Shenmue‘s iconic game environments.

The documentaries were actually produced in reverse order, with Shenmue 2′s Chinese locations explored in the first film, and the first Shenmue game’s Japanese environments covered in the second. You could always watch them in reverse order if it’s too confusing.

You can check out both parts of In Ryo’s Footsteps below. Does it go without saying that there are mild spoilers if you’ve never played a Shenmue game?

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