“SEGA Ages: Wonder Boy in Monster Land” launch trailer released

SEGA has released the launch trailer for SEGA Ages: Wonder Boy in Monster Land. Based on the arcade original (not the SEGA Master System port), Wonder Boy in Monster Land is an action/adventure side-scroller with some RPG elements tossed in for good measure.

Here’s the new trailer along with a breakdown of some of the game’s new SEGA Ages features:

  • One-button joystick rattle allows players to execute a glitch from the original arcade game in which rapidly flipping the joystick when revealing hidden gold results in much obtained at certain points on the map, can be executed with a single button.
  • Online leaderboards for a variety of challenges including Monster Castle time attack, fireball magic only challenge, and the dreaded Challenge of the Sphinx.
  • English language support. Did we say “English?” We meant “Engrish.”
  • Money Hungry Mode disables the joystick rattle technique, reverting the game to its intended state, supported by global online leaderboards.

SEGA Ages: Wonder Boy in Monster Land is available now for Nintendo Switch for 925 yen via the Japanese eShop.

Maybe it’s the guy who set up us the bomb…

Source: Gematsu

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