Axel and Blaze get get physical in new “Streets of Rage 4” off-screen footage

SEGA and Dotemu officially revealed Streets of Rage 4 in March, and now we have roughly ten uninterrupted minutes of gameplay footage of the new brawler thanks to gamers at BitSummit, the Japanese gaming exhibition.

Here’s the off-screen footage before I waste your time with more yapping.

While we don’t have a list of platforms confirmed yet, seeing as how SOR4 is being played in the video using a PlayStation dual-shock suggests that it could be coming either to PS4 or to PC using the Dual Shock controller. Let’s be honest, it’s probably coming to both, and Xbox One as well, with the only real question mark being the Nintendo Switch.

I could be wrong, but while we wait for E3 to deliver more information, I’m just going to watch the hot Blaze Fielding action once or twice more in the meantime.

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