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SEGA reveals new “Streets of Rage 4” character: Cherry Hunter

Earlier today at Gamescom, SEGA unveiled the third playable character in Lizardcube’s upcoming brawler Streets of Rage 4: Cherry Hunter. You can check out Cherry’s reveal trailer below. Given her yellow top along with some of her fighting moves being similar to Streets of Rage 2‘s Skate (aka Eddie to his close friends), Cherry is almost certainly related to the

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Axel and Blaze get get physical in new “Streets of Rage 4” off-screen footage

SEGA and Dotemu officially revealed Streets of Rage 4 in March, and now we have roughly ten uninterrupted minutes of gameplay footage of the new brawler thanks to gamers at BitSummit, the Japanese gaming exhibition. Here’s the off-screen footage before I waste your time with more yapping. While we don’t have a list of platforms confirmed yet, seeing as how

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