SEGA reveals new “Streets of Rage 4” character: Cherry Hunter

Earlier today at Gamescom, SEGA unveiled the third playable character in Lizardcube’s upcoming brawler Streets of Rage 4: Cherry Hunter. You can check out Cherry’s reveal trailer below.

Given her yellow top along with some of her fighting moves being similar to Streets of Rage 2‘s Skate (aka Eddie to his close friends), Cherry is almost certainly related to the aforementioned Skate and his big brother, Adam Hunter. Does this suggest another kidnapping/rescue storyline similar to Streets of Rage 2? Jesus, Mr. X – stop abducting the black characters, already! Slavery was abolished over 150 years ago!

Rockin’ a guitar on her back, Cherry looks to be the most agile of the playable characters. I doubt that she’ll supplant the newly thicc-ened Blaze Fielding as my personal main, but Cherry’s ability to bounce off the heads of street thugs looks pretty fun.

There’s at least one more character yet to be revealed. Will we get another returning character like Zan or Max, or someone completely new? And what costume customization options can we expect for Blaze Fielding? Stop being such a goddamn tease, SEGA!

Streets of Rage 4 is being published by Dotemu and is coming soon to PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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