“Windjammers 2” Coming to Xbox Platforms; New Characters Revealed

On Wednesday, Dotemu announced that Windjammers 2 will be coming to Xbox platforms via console, PC and Xbox Game Pass. This is in addition to the previously announced releases on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia (*snick!*). They also revealed that Windjammers 2 will support crossplay between the PC and Xbox versions of the game, as well as crossgen play between the PS4 and PS5 versions. Switch & Stafia players are in a “league of their own”, it seems.

In addition to the Xbox release news, two new characters were also revealed for Windjammers 2:

Sammy Ho is a a gardener and budding star athlete hailing from China. Sammy’s mid-range agility and powerful throws make him a dangerous rival, and his special move channels a ferocious dragon’s energy for blistering shots on goal.

Returning contender Jordi Costa is also bringing his court-crossing slides and mighty strength back into the action.

For those unfamiliar with Windjammers, this new game is a sequel to the 1994 arcade original developed by Data East. Players compete in fast-paced, “frisbee hockey”-like matches using a variety of throws and techniques. It’s kind of like Pong or air hockey, but with a colorful, 90s-era dose of “2 the XtReMe!” flair. In any case, the original was tough to master, but fairly easy to jump into and definitely a fun time.

A release date for Windjammers 2 has not yet been confirmed.

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