Billy Tucci’s take on Golden Age heroine “Miss Fury” coming this Fall from Dynamite Comics

Dynamite Comics originally planned to release Billy Tucci‘s take on the Golden Age character Miss Fury in late 2018. After a significant delay, Miss Fury – Joy Division is now set to release this fall, with issue #1 hitting comic shop shelves on 25 September.

Here’s a breakdown of Miss Fury – Joy Division from Previews World:

Multi-Eisner nominee Billy Tucci (Shi, Sgt. Rock) and rising star Emma Kubert recapture the legend of the original “Cat Woman” Marla Drake and her army of “Black Furies” that take readers from the warring skies above NYC and into the heart of Hitler’s Third Reich in spirit of an all-female “Inglourious Basterds.”

Miss Fury is not the only Golden Age property that Dynamite Comics has reintroduced to modern audiences. The company recently published the Golden Age team-up Project Superpowers, which features public domain characters such as the Black Terror, the Green Lama and the original Daredevil.

Interested? Here’s a quick gallery of the covers for issues #1-3 to check out while we wait for fall to sneak up in us.

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