E3: “Panzer Dragoon” remake soars onto Nintendo Switch this winter

SEGA Saturn fans heard those horns sounding off and instantly knew that they were heralding the return of Panzer Dragoon, a fantasy-themed shooter which helped usher in the 3D era in the mid-90s.

During Tuesday’s E3 2019 Nintendo Direct presentation, SEGA unveiled a trailer for Panzer Dragoon, which looks to be a modern reimagining of the Saturn classic. You can watch the trailer below, followed by a brief synopsis of the game from Nintendo.

“On a far, lone planet, you encounter two dragons awakened from the ancient times. Armed with a deadly gun from the past, and the guidance of your armored blue dragon, you must fulfill your destiny and keep the Prototype Dragon from reaching the Tower, or die trying.”

This is a great way to introduce Panzer Dragoon to new gamers, particularly considering that the last game in the series was Panzer Dragoon Orta for the original Xbox. Perhaps this remake will do well enough that SEGA will consider continuing the series, or at least remake the later games… dare we dream of a Panzer Dragoon Saga remake?

Panzer Dragoon is currently scheduled to launch this winter for Nintendo Switch.


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