Limited edition Shi/Lady Death 25th anniversary variants exclusive to SDCC

Comic book “bad girls” Shi and Lady Death already have a bit of a history together, but both characters are also sharing their 25th anniversary this year.

25, eh? They look great. So how will these two deadly femme fatales celebrate? In true comic book fashion, of course- with variant covers!

Shi creator Billy Tucci recently revealed that his is working on variant covers for special 25th anniversary editions of Shi #1 and Lady Death #1. In addition, the covers will feature interconnected artwork which will display as single image if displayed side-by-side.

The catch? These two variants will only be available at San Diego Comic Con, which begins 18 July. Are you planning to attend San Diego Comic-Con and are interested in these covers? Just walk in and follow the sound of the heavy metal music and that should lead you to Lady Death creator Brian Pulido’s table. I’m sure he can point you in the right direction. In the meantime, check out Tucci’s work-in-progress artwork below.


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