E3: Gameplay footage for “Grandia HD Collection” on Nintendo Switch, PC

At E3 2019, game publisher GungHo revealed quite a bit of information on their upcoming Grandia HD Collection for the Nintendo Switch and PC. Grandia HD Collection bundles both Grandia HD Remaster and Grandia II HD Remaster in one package on the Switch, while the two titles will be available separately on PC, with Grandia II HD already available as Grandia II Anniversary Edition. There are no plans for a PS4 version at this time.

Regarding whether the original PlayStation or SEGA Saturn version of Grandia would be used as the foundation of the remaster, GungHo stated:

“Grandia HD Collection are not ports of the original PlayStation games, they are remasters. We are using the original PlayStation code of Grandia, but working with the SEGA Saturn version to craft the definitive version of this beloved RPG… primarily using the Saturn version as a reference point, working to match details and effects from that version of the game.”

While Grandia HD Collection developer Sickhead Games was not able to use all of the original art assets, as many as possible were touched up for the remastered release, including character & enemy sprites & portraits, environment model art, and UI icons & text. Unfortunately for retro purists, there will not be an option to play with the original sprites. The audio will also be largely identical to the original PlayStation release.

Here are a few new features for the remastered editions:

  • Widescreen gameplay (pre-rendered movies still in 4:3)
  • Dual-audio support
  • German and French subtitles
  • Customizable resolutions (PC only)

Grandia HD Collection will be available “soon” on the Nintendo eShop and Steam. There are currently no plans for a physical release.

Source: RPG Site

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